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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Getting back...

Been a while not posting from this blog. Like many of all the blogs I used to follow, most took a long respite? others folded up or set up new direction in their endeavor.

This humble wannabe trader did not make it to the goal as aspiring trader wanted to be.

But looking back through the years of learning to become a successful trader, the most and main important as you pursue to become a profitable trader/investor is to have a 'CAPITAL'.

A sufficient capital to make money/income in trading is very important.

Though learning takes a long years to gain, but after getting experience trading, that's where you will know how to trade well. But you already 'worn' out then, like this barrio boy trader learned.

This is what happened to this aspiring trader, when I learned/gain experience trading, no more capital to trade, but that is fine, the experience is more important, capital can wait.

The important is to have the knowledge, when you have the capital, you are ready to take the opportunity.

Right now i'm back to my job, but still trading/investing little by little from my income through my Robinhood account.

This time i'm more careful and not trading often, like i used to be. Trade like a turtle as what that book in trading says.

Nice to be back!